Privacy Policy

CLOUDCODE. (“We” or “Us“) provides a limited right to access and use the Our SaaS system named “IRBIS” (the “System“), at the Our website (the “Site“) and shall be happy to such right to you (“You“). 

Your privacy is important to Us and We truly respect it. We are committed to exercising efforts to protect Your privacy and recognize Your need for appropriate protection and management of privacy, as it relates to Your use of the Systems and/or the Site. We intend to process Personal Information in a legal, fair and transparent manner, using legal, organizational and technical measures to so do.

To better protect your privacy, we provide this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”), explaining Our practices with respect to Your private information that You submit to Us. 

Should You have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In connection with Our Services, you may submit, upload and/or communicate, and/or We may collect and/or store, your information identifying You personally, including, without limitation, as set forth in the registration forms (the “Personal Information“).

The Personal Information may include Your contact details, Your account data, information regarding use of the System, the Site and/or the internet, Your reviews, opinions, preferences, interests, requests, complaints etc., and/or Your location.

Those may be collected, inter alia, through You filling in Site and/or System forms, other channels related to the Site and/or System and/or automatically in the process of Your use of the Systems and/or the Site. We attempt to store Personal Information on reasonably secure media, and it’s processed both automatically and in other manners.

By accessing and/or using the Site and/or the System, you confirm that You, on your only free will, provide Your Personal Information to Us, agree to its processing by Us, without any restrictions, and that the Personal Information is Yours personally and You confirm that You carefully read this Policy and agree to all terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.

We may use the Personal Information (including, without limitation, through Our third-party service providers) to provide and/or improve the System and/or the Site, access to and/or use and/or security of any of the foregoing, to provide services, with respect to ordering and/or registration to access the Systems and/or the Site, to contact You, to obtain inputs from You, to provide You with information, email you in connection with Our activity and/or event and/or the Site and/or the System, to identify and authenticate Your access to the System and/or the Site, in connection with your payments to Us and/or in connection with any matter related to any of the foregoing. [I specifically agree to this paragraph __]

Further, We shall have the right to access, read, preserve, disclose and use any information, including, inter alia, the Personal Information, as We reasonably believe is required in order to (a) satisfy any applicable law, legal process, governmental request or the like, (b) enforce Our Terms of Use, including, without limitation, investigation of potential violations thereof, (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address, fraud, security or technical issues, and/or systems integrity purposes; (d) respond to user support requests, (e) protect the rights, property or safety of Ours, the System, the Site and/or the users of any of the foregoing, and/or (f) maintain appropriate business records. [I specifically agree to this paragraph __]

Moreover, We may use, copy, modify, develop, disclose, distribute and publish the Personal Information (i) in connection with the System and/or the Site, and/or any improvement of the System and/or the Site, the operation of any of the foregoing, the provision of access to any of the foregoing to You and/or to others and/or any services related to any of the foregoing (ii) in connection with any cooperation between Us and any third party, including, but not limited to, for advertising targeting, as well as in connection with any marketing and/or promotional activities; (iv) Our acquisition (or of any assets from Us) by any third party; and/or (v) any other legitimate commercial purposes of Ours. [I specifically agree to this paragraph __]

Further, We may also use the Personal Information to send (including, without limitation, by email and/or Message) news re the System and/or the Site, updates, marketing materials, newsletters and/or the like and/or disclose the Personal Information to those of our partners who may have relevant offers and permit them to use it for the purpose of such offers. In the event we provide you with information as aforesaid by email or Message, you will be allowed to remove Yourself from the respective mainly list. [I specifically agree to this paragraph __]

Additionally, We may transfer Your Personal Information to countries other than the country it was received from. We will attempt to ensure that such other countries protect personal data, however We may transfer Personal Information to countries that do not protect personal data with Your consent, in connection with the performance of the Terms of Use and/or protection of vital interests.

The Site and/or the System may utilize tracking technologies (such as cookies and the like), for example, to collect and/or record information about Site and/or System activity and/or use and/or browsing activities and/or to recall information previously indicated by a user. We do not guarantee to respond to do-not-trach requests or that You may disable the foregoing. The Site and/or the System may use third parties to present or serve advertisements; such third parties may use technologies to help present advertisements and measure and research the advertisements’ effectiveness; such use is subject to such third parties privacy policies and is not covered by this Policy. Our Cookies Policy shall be deemed part of this Policy.

The System and/or the Site may utilize or reference third party systems, applications and/or sites and may be referenced in third party systems, applications and/or sites; You shall be bound by the privacy policies of those (in addition to this Policy); We shall have no responsibility and/or liability in connection with the privacy practices and/or breaches by such third parties or any other third party.

We may retain Personal Information for as long as required for the purpose of their collection and use or longer periods, as required for Our legal obligations and/or duties and/or to defend claims.

In case that your account with Us is inactive for two (2) years, we will promptly delete such account and Your Personal Information in the Systems. Within thirty (30) business days of Your request from Us, We will promptly delete Your Personal Information in the System, to the extent mandatory pursuant to applicable law. Notwithstanding any other provision, we may continue to store all or any of Your Personal Information, as required under applicable law. We will be entitled to delete Your Personal Information in case that breach and/or violate in any manner The systems/Site Terms of Use and/or at any other time decided by Us, at Our sole discretion.

You are entitled to reasonably receive information on processing Your Personal Information. You have the right to access Your Personal Information in the System and are invited to contact Us in such regard at the email address referenced above.

You shall be sensible and responsible in placing Personal Information in the System, the Site and/or the public domain. You confirm that all information provided by You is accurate, updated and Yours. We do not undertake to check any data and/or information You provide and do not undertake to store any data and/or information whatsoever.

We cannot guarantee perfection of privacy. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Policy and/or the System/Site Term of Use, we will have no liability in connection with any confidentiality or privacy deficiencies, except in cases of willful misconduct. This Privacy Policy shall not impose on Us any liability, obligation and/or duty more than those imposed on Us in respect of data protection pursuant to applicable law.

We may, at any time and from time to time, amend and/or change this Policy. You should review this regularly review this, Policy.

[I agree (without limitation of any specific consent provided) ___]